Ref. 218200 - Standard tables

Agis - 218200

From  102  Excl tax
Ref. 218400 - Standard tables

Agis - 218400

From  97  Excl tax
Ref. 219800 - Standard tables

Anselme - 219800

From  88  Excl tax
Ref. 219801 - Standard tables

Anselme - 219801

From  88  Excl tax
Ref. 219400 - Standard tables
219400 table Apia

Apia - 219400

From  843  Excl tax
Ref. 213100 - Standard tables

Buffet - 213100

From  62  Excl tax
Ref. 217300 - Standard tables

Chio - 217300

From  89  Excl tax
Ref. 212100 - Standard tables

Chronos - 212100

From  89  Excl tax
Ref. 212500 - Standard tables

Chronos - 212500

From  89  Excl tax

Discover our selection of tables available for rental for your events and trade shows! We offer a wide range of furniture to meet all your design needs.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, conference, trade show or other special occasion, our tables are designed to suit all types of events. Available in different sizes, materials and styles, they offer maximum flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for your event.

Whether you are looking for wooden tables for a Scandinavian atmosphere, industrial metal tables for a modern and urban look, or light and easy to clean plastic tables for an outdoor event, we have what you need.

Rental is a practical and economical solution to guarantee the success of your event without worrying about purchasing and storing additional furniture. Our team is here to help you choose the tables that perfectly match your needs and to ensure optimal delivery and installation.