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Actis - 608100

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Arco - 608200

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Asope - 609700

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Bent - 608304

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Blub - 607101

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Blub - 607102

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Colette - 621700

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Colette - 621800

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Design led chrome - 608301

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Immerse yourself in the perfect ambiance with our collection of lighting fixtures available for rental. We provide you with a variety of models to illuminate and enhance your special events, private parties or trade shows.

Whether you are looking for modern floor lamps or lamps to place on a table to create a magical atmosphere, our selection will meet all your lighting needs. We offer lighting in different styles and sizes to suit all decors and occasions. Whatever your choice, our team is here to advise you and help you create the perfect lighting atmosphere for your event.

Renting our products offers a practical and flexible solution for lighting your spaces without having to invest in the purchase of expensive equipment. With our professional delivery and installation service, you can rest assured that your lights will be installed securely and aesthetically, ready to light up your event as soon as it opens.

By choosing our rental lighting fixtures, you also benefit from a wide variety of choices to personalize your lighting according to your specific needs. Our team is there to support you every step of the way, from lighting fixture selection to installation, to guarantee you a lighting experience.

Contact us today to reserve your rental lights and create a dazzling ambiance for your next event!