Ref. 153000 - Lounge seating

Aiko - 153000

From  248  Excl tax
Ref. 153001 - Lounge seating

Aiko - 153001

From  248  Excl tax
Ref. 153002 - Lounge seating

Aiko - 153002

From  248  Excl tax
Ref. 150400 - Lounge seating

Alphée - 150400

From  132  Excl tax
Ref. 150500 - Lounge seating

Alphée - 150500

From  132  Excl tax
Ref. 156300 - Lounge seating

Alphée - 156300

From  132  Excl tax
Ref. 156800 - Lounge seating

Alphée - 156800

From  132  Excl tax
Ref. 158800 - Lounge seating

Alphée - 158800

From  132  Excl tax
Ref. 155200 - Lounge seating

Antiope - 155200

From  62  Excl tax

We provide you with a selection of sofas and armchairs for your living rooms and lounge areas designed to offer optimal comfort while creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, a private reception or setting up a space in a living room, our sofas and armchairs are the essential element for furnishing your spaces in an elegant and warm way. Their careful design and manufacturing quality guarantee your guests an experience of unparalleled comfort.

Opting for our sofas and armchairs means choosing the guarantee of a friendly welcome and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and conversation. Our team is here to help you select the pieces that perfectly match the aesthetic and ambiance of your event.